Business Visa


In the case of business necessity, for example, the applicant must stay
to carry out work for a company or partnership


Qualification :

  1. The alien must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IM).
  2. The alien must earn an income per the attached Table of Income (Annex A).
  3. The business must have a paid-up registered capital of no less than Baht 2 million.
  4. Said business must have submitted its financial statements as at the end of its fiscal year for the
    past two accounting years which have duly been audited and certified by a certified public
    accountant or a tax auditor, to prove that the business is sufficiently secure with actual and
    continuous operation, according to the guidelines for consideration of business status concerning the
    actual and continuous operation attached hereto (Annex B).
  5. Said business needs to hire aliens.
  6. Said business must have a ratio of one alien employee per four permanent Thai employees.
  7. The following businesses shall be exempted from the Criteria (3), (4), and (5), and the ratio of
    Thai employees specified under Criteria (6), shall be reduced to one alien employee per one
    permanent Thai employee:
    (a) International trade business (representative office)
    (b) Regional office
    (c) Overseas company (branch office)

Document required :

  1. Application form TM.7, photograph 4×6 cm., application fee is 1,900  (Application must be made in person)
  2. Copy of applicant’s passport (copy of passport with your photo, last arrival stamp, Re-entry Permit stamp, Departure card (TM.6) and last extend visa)
  3. Certificate of employment prepared in accordance with the form prescribed by the Immigration Bureau (Sor.Tor.Mor.1)
    – A table showing the numbers of all foreigners employed by the company, also their salary on monthly and annually basis, and their total salary, is additionally required.
  4. Copy of work permit
  5. Proof of corporate registration e.g. certificate of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months
  6. Copy of list of shareholders certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months
  7. A copy of latest balance sheet and income statement, together with corporate income tax return (Por.Ngor.Dor.50) and receipt.Copy of Sor.Bor.Chor.3  they must be certified by the Revenue Dept. or  by The Department of Business Development.
  8. Copy of 3 latest monthly withholding tax return (Por.Pro.1) showing the name of employees and the alien applicant, together with receipt