Retirement visa


The Retirement visa is a visa for the foreigners who want to live in Thailand after retire.

The rule and condition of Immigration, you must have a Non-O visa if you do not have a Non-O visa but you have the other types of visas such as tourist visa, etc. you can do it ,but it is necessary to proceed to change the types of visa becoming a Non-O visa before become retirement visa.

All of the step, we will go with you and tell you all details clearly.

Details and services

Our service for this type of visa includes taking the queue for you, taking you to the immigration, notifying your 90 days report, and the management of Re-entry permit for you , we help you to prepare the documents ,take the Re-entry permit queue for you and go with you. Moreover, we update the receipt of notification (T.M.30) every time when you leave the country and come back. We will take care of you until your visa expires. The qualification for apply must be an alien aged 50 or over and must not be a prohibited person for entry a country.

The required documents :

  • Passport
  • Departure Card (T.M.6)
  • 2 photo (4x6cm.)
  • Receipt of notification (T.M.30)
  • Proof of income or deposit in the bank (update to current ),bank statements, first page of the bank account
  • Bank book ( Update )
  • Thai visa application form
  • Service 48,000 Baht