**The person who holding these type visa: Tourist visa 60 days , Arrival visa 30,45 days ,
Free visa 30,45 days , Visa exemption 30,45 days **


I’m Acting Sub Lt. Thitinun Thitichotpatsorn founder of Rak Thai Language School. Our school offer Thai language comprehensive listening, speaking, reading, writing, and conversation. Classes schedule 2 hours per day and 4 days per week on Tuesday-Wednesday, Thursday-Friday, and Saturday-Sunday overall approximately 460 hours per year. Any gender and age can attend this course and students can manage their class schedule both classroom and online learning. Staff will make an appointment for extension visa and 90 days report and they will explain the process thoroughly also prepare all of visa documents. Moreover, our staff will support student at immigration.

Required documents

- Passport
- 4 Photos size 4x6 c.m. with blue or white background
- Lease agreement (address in Chiang Mai)
- T.M.30 (the receipt of notification that shows where alien has stayed)

Education visa course

Total price ฿ 60,000 Including
- The tuition fee is 42,000 baht for a register.
- The process for change ED visa in Thailand 18,000 baht.
***This price doesn't include immigration fee; student has to pay for immigration fee by themself***